Max Bessey creates a steel drawing workshop in Stuttgart


Pursuit and development of the company by his nephew Karl BESSEY


The Board of Directors is supported by Dr.-Ing. Eugen Mayer.

Under his leadership, the range of products manufactured is considerably broadened, both in terms of size and quality of steel offered


New patents are awarded for a new type of malleable cast iron and clamping screws, marking the beginning of production of the clamping tools by BESSEY.


Creation of a subsidiary in Bietigheim for the production of clamping tools

1971 › Company BESSEY son created in Strasbourg, and became the importer in France of BESSEY and ERDI cutting tools manufactured in Germany by BESSEY & SOHN, a group specializing in steel stretching
Guy Branger becomes CEO of Bessey-ser and gives it a special boost


Buying Savarin and FOINANT

The Company became a manufacturer by the purchase in 1978 of a forge in the Ardennes, SAVARIN and FOINANT, which produces clamping tools under the SER brand


Takeover of CHEVRIER establishments

Takeover of CHEVRIER establishments, another specialist in tightening, BESSEY SER grows over the years and external growth while staying in Strasbourg.

Offering more than 2200 references in clamping tools. The two brands BESSEY and SER form a wide and deep range.


Acquisition of BESSEY SER by the Vincent PERRIN group (VP Industries)


VP Industries strong of its two leading brands in clamping, strengthens its partnership with BESSEY tools, German manufacturer of clamping tools renowned for their technicality